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We are a family owend, full service local jewelry store.  Serving our many customers since 1999. 

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Expert Watch And Jewelry Repair!  On Site, sometimes while you Watch!



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We offer a wide variety of Jewelry and watches in our store.  We also have access to many thousands of items, such as rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, loose gemstones and more.  Diamonds are a staple in the jewelry industry, and while we don't stock thousands of diamonds, we have instant access to the worlds supply of High quality certified and uncertified diamonds. 

We have Silver, Gold and Platinum items in stock at all times.  Price ranges are affordable to all, ranging from as little as $20.00 and up.  Almost anything you can imagine in jewelry design is available for any Occasion.

Some instore items are available in our Oneline Shopping section.  Check it out!  


jewelryrepairimageJewelry Repairs! 

For almost twenty years, we have been repairing, modifying or customizing quality jewelry.  We use the highest quality material, and the newest, and most traditional methods of workmanship.  All our repairs are performed onsite- in our jewelry repair shop. 

Common repairs, such as ring repairs, ring sizing, chain repairs, clasp replacements and replacements of gemstones and diamonds are easily handled in a short period of time.  In most cases, if you wish, you can even sit down, watch us work and wait to have your repair done while you are at our store.  There are, of course, times when you're items will need more extensive repairs, and you may have to wait a day or so for them to be completed.

In addition to repairs, we also offer a Complete Restoration Service, for vintage and antique jewelry that has been well enjoyed over many years.  Maybe you have a piece of jewelry that has been in your family, and passed down from generation to generation.  Those pieces will eventually wear down, and we can bring them back to life, often restoring them to almost new condition.

If you need to be quoted on a repair, please note, that it is almost always impossible to give you a firm, accurate cost to repair your item without seeing it in hand.  However, we will always be happy to give you a rough estimate for your repair over the phone, or via emailing. 


jewelrydesignimageJewelry Design!

We've had the pleasure of working with so many customers over the years who have an image of an item they've always wanted made, or an idea of how they wish to have a one of a kind piece of jewelry that they can call their own, and pass down to younger generations.

Our industry offers us the ability to sit down with you, and create that One of a Kind item.  We can design in on our computer, view it in three dimensions, in a realistic format for you to see what your imagination has created.  Once you're happy with the design, the rest is up to us.  We make the item out of the material of your choice, then we set the gemstones or diamonds that you get to pick out.  Once the item is finished, you can take your most beautiful design home and enjoy it as your unique and special piece of jewelry.




We always have watches in stock.  Men's and Ladies quality watches.  The common brands we carry are Citizen brand, which are ECO Drive, (solar powered).  These watches have a unique power system and a five year warranty on internal operations.  Citizen watches are some of the highest quality watches we carry.  Affordable, durable and accurate operations, with styles of all types.  Citizen Diver's Watches are by far, some of the best made in the market.  Prices range from $150.00 to $7,500.00.

We also carry a standard line of Swiss Watches, made with the best Swiss Quartz and ETA Jeweled movements from Belair.  These watches are made to a high standard of quality and comfort.  Our experience in the watch service industry helped us to make this choice to bring these to you, are valued customers.

Rarely do they fail, and the 21 to 27 jeweled movements in the automatic brand are the best in this industry.

Both brands use features and quality that your watchmaker would be sad to know you owned, because he'll never see you unless you want another one!


watchrepairimageWatch Repairs!

We're lucky to have the knowledge and experience to offer you the best in repairs to your watches.  Yes, at some point, you may have a watch that is in need of a bit of help. 

Maybe it is only a replacement battery.  Stop in, we stock almost all watch batteries on site.  However, maybe your watch needs a bit more...

We can replace watch crystals, bands, gaskets, buckles and more...  We also replace defective watch movements, and do full servicing and repairs to mechanical watches.  We even offer restoration of vintage and antique watches made prior to the 1950s, specializing in antique pocket watches.

If your watch needs a bit of help, bring it in for a free estimate.  If we find something wrong, we'll let you know what it needs and how long it will take to get it back on and working perfectly.

No brand excluded.  Timex to Rolex and everything in between!




You'll find all kinds of clocks available at Rocks and Clocks.  Wall Clocks...  Floor Clocks... Alarm Clocks.  All types and sizes from many different manufacturers.

We're also happy to offer clock repairs.   If you have a broken clock, and can get it to us, we'll go through the clock completely and find out why your clock is not running.  Then we can give you an accurate estimate of any cost needed to fix your time piece.

All clock repair estimates are FREE.

Come on down and check out our unique clocks and time related products.











Thank you for taking the time to find out a bit more about us.  Please stop in and let us know what we can do for you.


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