watchfix1Watch Repairs can be very complicated and sometimes easy.  When a watch breaks down, there are many reasons why, and sometimes many repairs needed.  If you have a watch that is no longer working, bring it in and we'll be glad to find out why it isn't working and what it will take to have fixed.



Whether it be a batter that has been drained, water damage, dropped, we'll probably have a quick solution.


Tip:  Many of our customers come in with watches that have been water damaged.  It is important that you know whether or not your watch is "Water Proof" or watchfix2"Water Resistant".  Water proof watches generally fall into the category of 'Diver's' watches or more often, very expensive watches.  If the back of your watch states "water resistant", then note it is not water proof.  Water resistant watches will withstand exposure to water for limited amounts of time.  They can be damaged quickly by exposure to chemicals, like those used in hot-tubs and pools.  So, keep in mind, your water resistant watch is not water proof.  


Tip:  If you have a mechanical watch, it will need to be wound, usually every day.  You can purchase watch winders to keep your watch running continuously while you're not wearing it.


Tip:  Mechanical watches are delicate, can using them in harsh environments or dropping them often lead to damage.  In some cases, the resulting damage may not be repairable.