clockrepair1If you have an old clock, or even a new clock that isn't working, then you can count on our 15 years of professional clock repair service.


Clocks are finely made mechanical items that need to be service.  If you own a mechanical clock, (a clock that needs to be wound), then you need to have it serviced between 4 and 6 years.  Each of the gears and pivot points needs to be checked for wear, cleaned and oiled periodically.  


By having your clock serviced, you can be assured that the clock will last many generations.


We specialize in many types of mechanical and battery operated clocks.  Both cleaning and servicing them as well as restoration of antique clocks.


We service the following types of clocksclockrepair2





Battery operated


and many others.


Battery operated clocks can be repaired in most cases, within one to three days.  Mechanical clocks, however, need to be completely disassembled to be serviced.  This process can take between four and six weeks.