Are you in the jewelry and watch industry?

Do you offer retail services to your customers?


Rocks & Clocks offers Business to Business services for others in the jewelry and watch industry.  A Ten year record of repairing jewelry and watches for other Jewelers has worked well for us, and we're always looking to expand. 

We can handle your repairs, designe services, fabrication and customization of jewelry, watches, clocks and more.

The services we offer to you, and other jewelers are ...

  • Jewelry repairs
  • Stone replacements
  • Sizing of rings, up and down
  • Jewelry modification and customization
  • CAD Design for custom peices
  • Fabrication and assembly of Custom Jewelry
  • Watch Repairs
  • Clock Repairs
  • and more....


If you are interested in finding out how we can help you, please contact us.  You'll have to be a registered business, as we do not offer wholesale work to individuals.  Federal Tax ID is required.

Pickup and delivery is available for a small extra charge.  We do ship USPS Insured if necessary.


Go to our contacts page and fire off a message to us indicating that you are interested in Rocks and Clocks performing your repairs.