mechwatchYes, This is true!

Your mechanical watch is like a sports car.  There are many necessary moving parts to any automatic or manual wind watch.  From time to time, you will need to have your watch inspected and serviced just like you would any exotic sports car.

One of the most important parts of owning, wearing and relying on a mechanical time piece is that they are subject to dirt, wear and weather, just like any other mechanical thing.

Like your car, the parts of a watch need to be cleaned occasionally, oiled and tested so that it can be kept in peak running condition.  This, so that you can rely on its ability to keep accurate time and function properly.

The process of servicing a mechanical watch can be complicated.  Each of the parts needs to be removed and inspected for damage, and debris.  Oils in our watch, like your car, can begin to break down over time, and will start to solidify, now allowing the watch to work properly, or to slow down, the most common issue.

Once parts have been removed, cleaned and inspected, we can determine if new parts are needed, such as main-springs, balance staffs or gaskets.  The watch is then re-assembled and tested.  Sometimes, the watch may have to be disassembled again, and re-cleaned, but not often.

This is why I often say that your mechanical watch is like a sports car.  The cost of owning a mechanical watch is greater then the cost of your department store battery operated watch.  If taken care of, they will last decades, and I've even worked on watches that are two-hundred years old, and still in like new condition.

The expense to repair a watch is often higher because of the labor and quality of the parts used in the watch.  It can often take several weeks to service your watch, because the greatest of care needs to be taken with such small, delicate parts that need to be perfectly placed and tested.  We will walk you through this process each time, and work with you to keep your precious time piece working in perfect condition.

No matter the make or quality of your watch, estimates are always free. 

The next time your watch seems to be running a bit off schedule, don't hesitate to bring it down to our store and let us help you get it back to pristine condition.


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