clockrepair1Do you have a clock that isn't working, or working improperly?  We can fix it.

We work on all kinds of clocks, from quartz battery clocks to antique and vintage mechanical clocks.  

We always provide you with a free estimate, and once we find out why your clocks isn't working correctly, we will call you to tell you what is actually wrong with it, how long it would take to fix it, and just how much it will cost.

You can then determine whether you want to have your timepiece restored with confidence that when you receive it back that it will bring you many more years of enjoyment.

Call or bring it it any time during normal business hours and we will be glad to help you.

Why Choose Rocks & Clocks?
Highest Quality Craftsmanship
Quick Turnaround on Repairs
Repairs done on Premises
Excellent Pricing
Custom Designes
Personal Services
Deal with the Owners Directly!